Research in High Performance Computing

I am a Pre-Doctoral researcher in the TU Wien at the Research Group Parallel Computing. My research interests revolve around the High Performance Computing (HPC) area. Specifically, the Message Passing Interface (MPI), its performance and usability. Past research includes topics on Interconnects, Resilience and Fault-tolerance.

My current research thesis concerns the mapping of parallel processes to the system's topology using the MPI library. This research requires a deeper knowledge on how the MPI applications use the MPI library. This has motivated me to develop a new profiling tool for the MPI that explores the use of MPI communicators by the applications.




mpisee presentation at the Austrian-Slovenian HPC meeting 2022

Side projects

  • YAC_SIM a cache memory simulator for a 1 level cache memory scheme running in command line
  • Implementation of RISC-V standard in System Verilog RV32IC

Other interests


  • Computer Architecture and Parallel Computer Architecture
  • RISC-V Open Instruction Set Architecture
  • Linux Kernel and GNU/Linux operating system

Development tools

  • Emacs and Org mode